Undeniably, social media brought together, close people, who were left behind in our lives because of geography, once again after decades. Geography became history and connectedness became the norm, the 24/7 way. Social relationships got fostered and gained in its intensity through multimedia relationships. Pictures added life to our own lives and videos; the action, voice, color, fun and frolic. It would have been a magical disbelief just few years back.

As the adage goes, “there is no free lunch” and actually there is none, some we know and some we don’t. All services are supposedly free. Money is the most genuine & easy way, you pay a price. For the social media giants and other IT service providers, for what we use free and incessantly, we are products and not customers.

All interactions create data, there are pics & videos having loads of data as well and then metadata; which is the data of data transacted. The time, duration, size, location, network etc add immense value to the regular data extracted out of us. It is commercially exploited to the fullest. It is also used for ulterior motives against our own interests, decimating the very concept of privacy & confidentiality.

We would not have read a “forward” in any book in our lives but social media forwards,seemingly etched in stone, is the first love, fancy and passion of every social media user. We are in the midst of an information warfare and fully gullible users are used, misused and abused in every manner.

Propaganda is what you are fed with in large measure. With no other sources of information and no interest either, this propaganda information is digested, used and disseminated against the interests of the individual, society and the nation. It is not a reasoned opinion. Realization in hindsight is no wisdom at all.