Creating Your Own Identity

Personal website development can change your world and others too!

Why should websites as the great knowledge platforms should primarily be used for business? Business knowledge will always come with a rider of business development and cannot be taken as sacred. It is driven by contrary principles compared to knowledge dissemination, there is no denying the fact that it meets somewhere. Websites should also be seen and used as knowledge platforms of a totally different kinds, its utility depends precisely on how much your mind can soar and nothing else.

Creation a fulfilling experience

I have just been formally through my personal website development and what a fulfilling experience it has been. Website creation can be the ultimate of professional, literary, artistic, aesthetic, creative and technical expression of a human being. There has been no medium in human history so complete in its expression of a common man as well as genius with the ease to create, use and share. Its gives the you the experience of a writer, a content creator/manager, creative director, a photographer, a documentary maker, a technical wizard, a guru, a shishya, a team manager, a researcher, a CEO and many more. Its human dimension unbounded.

Website defined

You might get innumerable expressions of what is a Website, what should be a website like and so on and so forth, but even the ever helpful internet also fails, if you try finding a definitive expression or a definition to be precise of a website. Left with no options I had to create a definition and to best of my understanding a website can be defined as a kaleidoscope of one’s personal, social and professional life, creatively interwoven in a multimedia format, on a dynamic interactive mode to cater to the digital age requirements of split second, precise and authentic information, communication and proactive, productive interaction. The corporate or any other organization is also an individual in this case.

Distinctive – Home Page

Moving on to the website as such, as in the case of the Preamble to the Constitution or the important words in an article or an abstract of a topic, the Homepage is the first exposure of the visitor to the Website and in the process your persona and on this experience he decides to navigate further or not or to let know other persons about this website or not. Imaginatively and creatively showcasing using the best of technology, design and multimedia is the key to the creation of a Home Page, which would serve the desired ends. It ought to have pleasing look, the look and feel emanating from the Home Page should consistently flow through the website. The design, the color combination, the highlights, the buttons and what it projects, the static and the interactive, on the Home Page are all critical to the very existence of the website. The Home Page should also prove that this creative virtual document has a synergetic dynamic interface with the outside world. Anything inward looking does not fit into the scheme of things of the modern day world which as Thomas Friedman and our daily experience also proves that the world is flat and moving further in that direction with every passing day.

The website is a sum total of your personal, professional and academic and other tasks and accomplishments over a few years or even a longer duration rather than a creative writer’s summary of some fanciful thoughts about you or the enterprise. The visitor is able to read through the seriousness of the effort and the level of credence, time and focus of which the website is deserving of. Most of the websites are at best the introduction to a book and then the visitor is lost as to what he should next.


Consistency is everything a software has, that helps it become successful. Every new screen gives the feel of the same software. Over the length and breadth of software, familiarity and ease of usage, is the feeling it should generate. Every screen is like another page of the same book.

Navigation through the software does not require great technical expertise. It’s the creative mind and some expertise of the visitors navigational traits/habits help us create a near perfect navigational experience in the under creation. The least number of buttons/commands you need to use to reach any point of the website is the real success of the website. And on the reverse the visitor should be able to reach the home page and any other menu from anywhere. Navigation across similar websites and across to social media is also critical in times when we want resources neatly connected and the need to Google again and again does not arise.

Undeniably, all internet resources pertaining to an individual or an enterprise should at the end of the day be connected in a structured manner so that the knowledge resource is taken maximum advantage of.

Last but not the least, the other way round, the content is the king. Public Speaker’s biggest ally is the content he carries with him. His content is his knowledge. In a similar manner the strength of the content of the website speaks volumes about its success or otherwise. The originality of the content being lucid, cogent and easily comprehensible with being abreast with the times, is the safest bet to create a successful website. If the content makes sense even with few limitations the website would end up as a hit, with the visitors/end users as the case may be or both. The content includes the relevant and high quality pictures, video and audio depending on the context and requirement. .

Conclusion has given me a thrill of a lifetime and undoubtedly
will thrill me for a lifetime.
ELL 2 is in progress!!!