Book Review

Books have been our best companions since times immemorial, the relationship remaining unchanged over the passage of time, actually getting more and more intense with every passing day, with the diversification and depth of knowledge increasing with more than geometrical progression. As a continuous tribute to the knowledge based world, we initiate a new section on this website, BOOK REVIEWS!

Leading Through Conflict by Mark Gerzon

It has been a practitioners treat reading this book a couple of times and then delivering a lecture on the same subject and handling pertinent questions for a session lasting for over three hours. The “expert in civil discourse” has proved it in this book.

The introduction sets the stage for the eight tools of the mediator. The transformational changes in today’s world, he says, has forced us to accept a new type of leadership, that is, of the mediator. The horizontal organizations have given way to networks and all organizations are somehow getting affected by things beyond the organization or the organization itself has become so complex, geographically, ethnically and otherwise, that the standard systems of instructions as in traditional organizations does not work.

The three faces of leadership with some historical continuum acts as the broader canvas to the Mediators tool box which he intends to use. The Demagogue has lost historical prominence, its case studies are brilliant making the concept crystal clear. Though it had emerged as a great model of leadership, present times puts forth huge limitations on the leadership model of a Manager, who cannot either think beyond his job description or cross boundaries. The multidimensional growth of the world might be understood to some degrees but he has no attitude, tools or skills to surmount that. He also has a conviction about his well established role – which sounds redundant in modern times.

The Mediator is the real conflict resolver and getting it resolved at a near permanent level. As the Mediator turns out to be the leadership model of choice, the author suggests Eight Tools for the Leader as Mediator. Being a Police Officer and also a