Garbage in, garbage out  is the adage we grew up with since the of the initiation of computerisation in the governmental system. Data is at the centre of IT universe and at the heart of all our decision making. Integrity of data has become a complex enterprise in

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Visions and visionaries have ruled out minds and even our psyche for quite sometime now. It's been accepted that the journey is not even worth taking if we don't have a vision. Vision thus is tantamount to a blueprint and beyond which only the the leader & visionary can

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responsibility Picked up in silos, deliberately understood in the most partial manner, claimed to be getting fixed all the time, despite clear cut job descriptions and company charters, is there even a likelihood of improved responsibility to happen in the near fut

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As the world grows smaller, the opportunities for conflicts multiply. Mark Gerzon opines that leaders have failed to rise to this challenge. Mediation as concept and practice has become the central theme of today's leadership theory. The quality of mediation

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reading What you read is what you are, if you reading nothing, you are nothing. Your reading habit explains the nature of your personality, your thinking, your capability to garner new ideas, change, worldview et al. Read More


story1 Communication is the art of storytelling. *Life is one long saga of opportunities exploited or lost, ideas which made a difference to your life & specific individual experiences.* These experiences ought to be narrated and that is storytelling. *Facts, figures,data which we flaunt as milestones of the modern world fades into oblivion by

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socialmedia Undeniably, social media brought together, close people, who were left behind in our lives because of geography, once again after decades. Geography became history and connectedness became the norm, the 24/7 way. Social relationships got fostered and gained in its intensity through multimedia relationships. Pictures added life

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Reaching Out to the Unreached

Introduction In a world with over 6 billion mobiles in a population of 7 billion, 4 billion people across the globe remain unreached. Communication at best can be an enabler and cannot be a provider. Unreached has traditionally been treated outside the government and the business domains and specialized non-state organizations treat this sector as their core domain and also their competency. Beyond the realm of varieties of NGO’s, we have organizations which are considered

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Creating Your Own Identity

Personal website development can change your world and others too! Why should websites as the great knowledge platforms should primarily be used for business? Business knowledge will always come with a rider of business development and cannot be taken as sacred. It is driven by contrary principles compared to knowledge dissemination, there is no denying the fact that it meets somewhere. Websites should also be seen and used as knowledge platforms of a totally different kinds,

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Audit as a state function

Present Scenario With Commonwealth Games, 2G and the Coalgate, the role of Audit and the CAG of India has been thrown on to the centre stage of Indian thought process and its psyche. What more the organization can do to stem the rot? Are some sectors completely uncovered? Is performance audit enough to gauge the financial health of the nation, or is there a need for a combination of audits? What is the role of the private sector in the misuse of governments funds and should t

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Let’s Talk

I am no avid researcher of talk shows but I presume it got into vogue and gained very high level of popularity based on at least some depth of knowledge of the personalities who were called upon to enlighten both the masses and government. The personalities/experts were to represent all the strands of thought/dimensions of the problem/issue and the all knowing presenter would make a sense of it all for the benefit of the audience. All the games are played as per the rules of the game. The rul

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Asymmetric Warfare – Geospatial Requirements to Counter Threats to Internal Security

Asymmetric warfare terminology dates back to 1975 article of Andrew J R Mack titled “WHY BIG NATIONS LOSE SMALL WARS”. This is basically a terminology used in military warfare and has gained prominence with 9/11 and other major acts of terror taking center stage in our thought process. Capability of the enemy with hardly any resources to upstage a prominent military power need not be debated. The manifestations of these are guerilla warfare, insurgency, terrorism, counter insurgency and coun

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Here are some articles you don’t want to miss

India: “Geospatial technology has to be at the base of Crime and Criminal Tracking Network and Systems (CCTNS), and a major tool in counter terrorism operations,” said Sanjay Sahay, AGDP, Police Computer Wing & Nodal Officer, CCTNS, Karnataka, while making his presentation on the theme: Internal Security and Police Modernisation at the last day of Geointelligence India 2014. He said that the country needs to establishIndia: “Geospatial technology has to be at the base of Crime and C

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