This website was necessitated for providing a direct interface to my professional work in fields of e-Governance, IT, Management, Homeland Security, Technology and Policing and some glimpses into my multifaceted professional, academic and social dimensions of my personality. Visitors would gain out of the relevant resource base and for me it would be an enriching experience, via scalability and interaction. This initiative intends to create a knowledge base which gets connected the relevant ones in the world wide web. Welcome to a totally new experience of a personal website with the logo Create Your Own Identity and Live Up to It!!!



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Religion is the opium of the masses. – Karl Marx

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Safeguarding Enterprises
Safeguarded Enterprise is the sum total of a clear-cut perception, integrated planning, documentation, and robust maintenance of enterprise security policy. 1. Media 2. Article 3. Webinar
HLS–Perspective, Safer cities for better tomorrow
Homeland Security pertains to the anti-terror mechanism laid and operated in the US. The features and functionality remain the same across the globe.In India plug and play mechanism is still a long way off and so technological framework is the need of the hour. 1. PPT 2. Speech – Part – 1, Part – 2 3. Article – Geopolitics HLS 4. Media (Page – 62)
Leading Through Conflict
1. Presentation Part – 1, Part – 2 2. Book Review 3. Video – LTC Part-1, LTC Part-2, LTC Part-3 4. Article
Reaching out to the Unreached

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  • Homeland Security-Safe and Secure Nation on 24th and 25th July 2014.