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Reaching Out to the Unreached

Introduction In a world with over 6 billion mobiles in a population of 7 billion, 4 billion people across the globe remain unreached. Communication at best can be an enabler and cannot be a provider. Unreached has traditionally been treated outside the government and the business domains and specialized non-state organizations treat this sector as their core domain and also their competency. Beyond the realm of varieties of NGO’s, we have organizations which are considered as charitable and religious institutions. The sum total of all these, is to provide succor to teeming billions below the human existential levels. The Unreached Unreached though has been understood as an economic concept, it is comprehensive in nature, directly related to the lack of fulfillment of nationally/globally accepted parameters of human existence. The unreached can be divided on various parameters, most critical of which being economic and social, political and geographic and based on... Read more

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Enabling youth to be professionally and socially empowered

Vision beckons reality at the transformational level. The ability to see at the end of the tunnel and also the other side with clarity and making others believe convincingly that there is at least light at the end of the tunnel. This capability helps in creating a mental construct which is generally non-existent at that time point in time and the ability to work in an extremely nebulous environment towards that goal. Dreams, ideas, thoughts and aspirations are as old as human beings themselves.







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